Sony Trademark Stirs Warhawk Sequel Rumors


A Sony trademark for the word “Starhawk” has appeared on the U.S. Patent Office website, adding further fuel to the idea that the next Warhawk game will be set in space.

Nearly a month ago Kotaku spawned a rumor that developer LightBox Interactive Studio was secretively working on the aforementioned space-based Warhawk. Studio head Dylan Jobe was noncommittal in his response, but did mention that “we have some really exciting stuff in development that our Warhawk fans *and* new players will love.”

Though this new trademark – filed April 9 by Warhawk publisher Sony Computer Entertainment America – is as much of a guarantee as Jobe’s words (that is, it guarantees nothing), taken together it seems hard to believe that there isn’t some truth to the idea that Warhawk fans will soon be navigating the inky void.

Image: Gaetan Lee/Flickr


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