Bad Traveler: Suitcases Likely to Attract Attention


An artist in France has created a line of boxy luggage that uses toy weapons for decoration. It appears that the ‘weapons’ are cut sideways, stuck on the bag’s side, and then painted over to appear as if they’re jutting out from the case itself.

175606thickbox_2As can be seen in her website, the self-styled ‘hippie girl’ artist is trying to make a point about the apparent social behavior present in the current climate of fear when traveling. Mainly, that some people might only appear to be more threatening than others based on a physical perception.

She also believes these suitcases will foster a healthy, open conversation between strangers.

Here’s one possible convo: *”Hey! You’re the one with that ‘Ax suitcase.’ Just wanted to say thanks. Without you, we would have left the tarmac by now. Instead, this five-hour postponement has made me realize how much I hate traveling and attention-getting fools like you. Thanks a lot, man.” *

You can buy the suitcase right here, for about $125, or you can email the artist through her site, where you can request a specific color/weapon combo.


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