Twitter Grader Lets You Evaluate Your Global Signficance

failwhaleIf you “tweet,” and you want to know where you rank amongst all other Twitter users around the world, there’s a website will put the hard core facts of your global popularity (or insignificance) before your eyes. will tally up your “followers and followings” and rank your Twitter page numerically against other pages. For the record, this reporter was 337,385 out of 2,335,023 – with an overall grade of 86 out of 100. That looks to be slightly above average in the great scheme of all things “tweeting.”

The Underwire’s Twitter Page scores 15,861 out of 2,335,023 with a grade of 99.3.

The site also ranks the most active Twitter cities. London is on top, with Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and San Francisco following in that order. This reporter was pleased to see his proud hometown squeeze in at the very bottom of the Top 50.

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