Controversial Shock Site for Sale

The site is being auctioned on eBay.

So far, it has attracted bids of about $70,000 from nearly 50 potential buyers. The reserve – a minimum amount for the sale to proceed – has not yet been met.

The StileProject site is a well-known shock site that traffics in a regular diet of pornographic, obscene and extreme content.

The site has been mired in controversy since the owner, Jonathan Biderman, better known as Stile, posted a graphic video of a kitten being killed and prepared for a meal. The video sparked widespread outrage.

“I quit,” he said in an e-mail. “I can’t take it anymore. Thanks to you and the media my life has been ruined… I’m getting death threats 24/7 on the phone and and can’t run the site anymore, it’s not worth dying over.”

According to Stile, the site has been attracting more than 100,000 visitors a day since the video was posted two weeks ago.

The kitten video is still available in the site’s archives, although it is no longer on the front page.

Last year, the StileProject won two Webby awards in the Weirdest Site and People’s Choice categories.

Stile advertises the site on eBay as “an internationally recognized brand and a household name.”

However, the proposed sale could be another in a long string of attention-seeking stunts.

“I guess I can understand why people would think (it’s a stunt), but i’ve been doing this for too long and i need a life,” wrote Stile. “When the site starts to burst in on my real life and affect me and my family’s welfare, I know it’s time to back out.

“I don’t feel like getting murdered by some radical over a stupid website and by uninformed people who think I killed an animal for sadistic pleasure, when I’ve never harmed a living thing in my life.”

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