Pentax Offering HD Endoscopes

When the world is full of 1080i- and 720p-lined televisions, where does HD go next? Endoscopes is where.

High-definition endoscopy is the latest trend in medical gadgetry, with manufacturers producing high-end computer-based imaging systems and video processors able to shovel enormous bandwidth into the size- and safety-restricted confines of internal medical technology. Pentax is the latest to hit up hospitals and doctors with upgrade offers, having made the 90i series of HD scopes and EPK-i HD imaging systems to plug them into.

“Pentax suggests the new system is the first endoscopic system to use a megapixel CCD, features an easy to use design, can transfer data in digital form directly from the videoscope to the light source processor, has an image engine with 50 times the computing power compared with Pentax’s current products and utilizes a touch panel for the front panel, the first of its kind for an endoscopic system.”

UPDATE: Apple has some examples of HD endoscopy imaging up at its science website, taken at Palo Alto hospital.

EPK-i HDPlus, 90i-series HD endoscopes [Pentax via Japan Corporate News]

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