Buying A PS3? Consider The Humble 20GB Model

Ps3_largeThinking about stepping up to the plate and purchasing a PlayStation 3 brand consumer entertainment system this winter solstice? Don’t know which to get? Might I tempt you with the forgotten 20GB version?

Announced and hastily withdrawn from the marketplace mere seconds later, the 20GB flavor of PlayStation 3 is still out there, because nobody wanted it, and is in fact available on EB Games’ website for a mere $380, as pointed out by Penny Arcade this morning.

But I hear you say that you’re confused about what features are in the 20GB? Of course you are. There are rocket scientists who probably go numb looking at Sony’s Venn diagram feature lists. I will helpfully explain it below.

In short, if you’re sensitive to both price and backward compatibility, the 20GB model is probably your best bet. But if you don’t really care about PlayStation 2 games and want wireless, the $400 40GB version is the cheapest, most elegant way to do it.

And if you want all of these features and aren’t particularly concerned about price, just buy the $500 60GB model. But do it quickly, as both of these original versions have been discontinued and the stock on shelves is all that remains.

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