Artist Sews Typewriter Because She “Felt” Like it

The typewriter on the right might look like something from Cronenberg’s adaptation of The Naked Lunch, but it is in fact a meticulously hand crafted felt replica of the Underwood on the left. It even has a working roller.

Canadian artist and Maker extraordinaire, Blythe, took three weeks of non-stop sewing, hand dying and embroidery to finish this amazing creation. See some close-ups below, and be sure to check out Blythe’s website for more Claes Oldenburg inspired needle-work, including cameras, monsters and robots.

As if that weren’t enough, the original owner of the Underwood, great-great-grandfather of Blythe’s boyfriend, was named “Mr. De Wolfe”.




Underwood Typewriter [Sewn by Blythe]

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