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Jill Sobule Goes to Fans for Album Financing

Recording artist Jill Sobule needs $75K to record her album, but rather than taking an advance from a label, as she has in the past, she’s going straight to her fans for financing. So far, they have contributed $66,319 to her cause, so if the trend continues, she’ll be headed into the studio soon. Rather than using an intermediary that lets fans try to earn a financial return, Sobule is offering a variety of ways to participate, including the right to sing on the album, in a plan more reminiscent of CASH Music.

(When I think of cowbell, I think of Will Ferrell. And when I think of Will Ferrell, I think about how much moviegoers would have to raise to stop him from making yet another retreaded seventies spoof. )

(ap; via buzzgrinder; image from onsight-media)

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