Prototype New Xbox Experience Images Revealed

The New Xbox Experience that Microsoft rolled out in November was definitely not the first iteration of a new interface for the console’s dashboard, and thanks to Portland-based design firm Gridplane we can have a look at what one alternative might have looked like.

Aside from the “immersive 3D environment” the firm’s website describes, Gridplane’s design isn’t all that far off from the current NXE. The avatars are present, the whole thing is much more glossy and neo-modern than the original dashboard and there is an abundance of unused, monocolor space (presumably prior to users mucking everything up with Premium Themes).

Personally, after seeing this I want to play with it for a few hours. I like the iteration Microsoft went with, but – aside from the bizarre duplicate game boxes in the fourth photo – this three-dimensional thing looks entertaining.

Images: Gridplane *
XBOX Experience [Gridplane, via CVG]

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