Crowdsourced Video Project Documents One Day on Earth

Three Los Angeles filmmakers are throwing auteur theory out the window, replacing the concept of a singular point of view with a crowdsourced group portrait of the entire world.

For the One Day on Earth project, citizen filmmakers from 140 countries will document what happens in their neighborhoods Oct. 10, then share their footage to create an online video time capsule aimed at capturing 24 hours on our planet. More than 1,700 people in 140 countries have already signed up for the autumn shoot-a-thon at the project’s website. Contributors range from cellphone-equipped teenagers to Oscar-nominated documentary makers.

“We hope the tremendous archive of footage gathered will offer unfiltered perspective on cultures that are often seen only through the eyes of outsiders,” said Kathy Eldon, founder of the co-sponsoring Creative Visions Foundation, in a press release.

One Day on Earth co-founders Kyle Ruddick, Michael Klima and Brandon Litman will store the accumulated footage in a searchable online archive. They also plan to edit the footage into a full-length documentary.

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