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Cute Old-Style Radio Looks Like Crushed Cigarette Butt

radio valerie

Radio Valerie is an almost impossibly cute little radio, a squat curved cylinder with a speaker squashed into the end which is tuned by an inventive combination of aerial and dial. So simple and elegant is the design that we wonder if it could have come from the same person that designed the truly hideous website where it currently lives.

The site is Pix Studio and the man behind the little wireless is Valentin Vodev. The radio is exactly the kind of thing that should be on the shelves of the otherwise awful “design” shops where lazy friends shop for “novel” birthday gifts. Vodev should bang these out at $40 a pop and he’d make a fortune. Or at least, he’d make enough to pay for a website re-design.

Product page [Pix Studio (good luck via Noquedanblogs]

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