About Your Deteriorating Face

A little known and alarming fact about growing old as a woman isthat basically, your facial skeleton is disintegrating and no amount ofskin tightening can make you look forever 21.Peggy_lipton_2

Plastic surgeons Dr. David Kahn at Stanford and Dr. Robert Shaw(former Stanford medical student, now a resident at the University ofRochester Medical Center) have published two studies showing thatwhile your skin sags and wrinkles, your facial bones are are shrinkingand changing shape – and this happens significantly earlier for womenthan men.

The surgeons are presenting the second of their two studies on this depressing topic today at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons meeting in San Francisco.

“Skin tightening, collagen and fat injections, Botox injections,
don’t take into account changes to the bones,” Kahn said in a pressrelease.

“After you do a face-lift on some patients and look at photos ofthem when they were young, they look very different,” said Shaw. “Partof that may be the tightening of the skin over a bony scaffolding thathas deteriorated and changed in shape from when they were 18.”

Surgeons should concentrate on restoring volume “to compensate forthe loss of bony volume, and lifting and reducing the aged and lesselastic soft tissue,” Kahn said. “Plastic surgeons can’t turn back theclock. It’s more of a ‘freshening up’.”

What I think he means to say is if you’re a woman, your destiny is amelting face that will look increasingly freakish the more plasticsurgery you get.

You know who looks amazing though? Peggy Lipton,
original Mod Squad member, former wife of Quincy Jones, and formertortured other woman on Twin Peaks. Sister is 59! I wonder who does her work. Ormaybe she takes a lot of calcium.

UPDATE: OK, people. Here are the references for the two studies, apologies for not listing them earlier. You should be able to get them at the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal’s website, but the site seems to be malfunctioning. I can’t get anything to come up. So, here are the references:

1. Shaw, R.B. et al., Aging of the Bony Orbit: A Three Dimensional CT Study. *Plast. Reconstr. Surg. *Plastic Surgery 2006 Astract Supplement.

2. Shaw, R.B. et al., Aging of the Midface Bony Elements: A Three Dimensional CT Study. Plast. Reconstr. Surg. In Press (they presented this one at Plastic Surgery 2005)

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