Video: Meet Asher Bradshaw, the 7-Year-Old Skateboarding Phenom

When you were seven years old, chances are you were playing with Transformers, tossing the ball around on the diamond, or just hoping you could get that basketball to hit the rim if you tried really hard. Although, the chances are even greater that you weren’t thrashing skate parks like Tony Hawk.

Meet Asher Bradshaw, the Southern California skateboarding virtuoso with the 10,000-watt smile and board skills that makes most passersby subconsciously stop and gape. Bradshaw just turned 7, and he’s only been honing his skills since May 2009, but his moves through the rolling mounds of the Venice Skatepark are quickly becoming the stuff of legend.

The video was produced by Milk Boss Industries, which (according to a cached page on their website) appears to be putting together a feature-length documentary on the ‘boarding prodigy, to be directed by Kathy Herndl and produced by Jeff Renfroe.

So might an appearance at Sundance be far off? Perhaps young Asher will be rocking the X Games in a few years’ time? If you can’t wait until then, head on down to the Venice Skatepark.

Image: Ray Rae Goldman for Yo! Venice!

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