Radiohead Gets Into Newspaper Biz With Universal Sigh

To mark the release of Radiohead’s new record, The King of Limbs, the band is handing out free copies of a custom broadsheet called The Universal Sigh.

The publication, available at select locations around the world, replicates the flow of a standard newspaper, with Radiohead’s creative and introspective twists on reality.

After the front page, a section of short columns about fairy dust and being frozen mimic the pages of a standard newspaper. Then come song lyrics, artwork and three feature-length pieces by Robert Macfarlane, Jay Griffiths and longtime Radiohead “sixth member,” artist Stanley Donwood.

Although this is not the publication that will be included in the deluxe “Newspaper Album” version of King of Limbs set for release May 9, one can certainly spend an afternoon enmeshed in the writing and accompanying graphics. (See The Universal Sigh for yourself.) Never without a digital angle, Radiohead built a Universal Sigh website where fans can upload a photo of themselves posing with the unique newspaper.

Available Monday (except in the United States and Canada, where it goes on sale Tuesday), The King of Limbs will come in vinyl and CD in addition to WAV and MP3 versions.

Known for their concern about the environmental impact of Radiohead’s operations, the band members have promised “to measure the carbon footprint of this project, and to offset the potential ecological impact, [Radiohead] will retire the carbon credits used,” according to the website.

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