Okay, so there’s some news on the DS Lite.

As I was flying back from Vegas yesterday, a bit bummed that I didn’t get to play with a DS Lite at DICE (there was a last-minute decision not to show the unit), Nintendo decided to finally launch the Japanese website for Lite.

Importantly, this gives everyone a heads-up as to what colors will be available at launch – Crystal White, Ice Blue, and Enamel Navy. You can also click through (the buttons, helpfully enough, are bilingual) and see pics of the accessories and such. The new smaller size means that Game Boy Advance carts will stick out about one centimeter, rather than being flush with the unit. If you have no designs on putting any such thing into your Micro, however, there’s now a cover that sits in the GBA slot, flush with the unit.

Play-Asia has much of the info and pics in English, and of course are currently taking pre-orders for all three colors. If you, like me, pre-ordered weeks ago, you’ll automatically get a Crystal White unit unless you modify your existing order and select one of the different colors.

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