Superhero Hook-up Chart Makes Your Romantic Life Seem Simple

My twins just started watching Wolverine and The X-Men on Nicktoons Network. I didn’t want to watch because I liked it when the X-Men were about more than just Wolverine but they were interested, so I relented.

It’s not just all about Wolverine, which was a relief to me, and they liked it well enough. Quicksilver, who’s with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants on the show, drew the only question. My daughter had read __Avengers: Knights of Wundagore __and wanted to know why he was bad now. I explained that Quicksilver is sometimes good, sometimes bad.

So, on the whole, the the cartoon did a good job of providing an easy starting point for X-Men newbies. I didn’t realize exactly how hard a task that was until I saw the chart at this site:

Indulge in the Incestuous World of the X-Men

The blood/family relationships are hard enough. For instance, the picture above not only includes two long-term couples but two of their grown children. (It lacks the grown child from the alternate reality.)

But this website isn’t satisfied with blood relationships. No, it goes for romantic relationships, which are even more of a mess. The bonds connecting the characters are separated into these six categories:

It’s a fun way to pass time, especially since it reminded me of some favorite stories that I hadn’t thought about for a long while.

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